Feb 20, 2010

Taking photos thru console

I always wondered, how about taking photos throught console? I mean, without using PhotoBooth. Making bash scripts that use the built-in camera would be awesome! One easy way is installing isightcapture.


This is how you can use it
  • $ ./isightcapture image.jpg    
will output a 640x480 image in JPEG format

  • $ ./isightcapture -w 320 -h 240 -t png image.png    
will output a scaled 320x240 image in PNG format

Note: Seems the project has been discontinued.

Feb 18, 2010

Copy files with cp (fancy way)

Copy files from dir A to dir B. 
(cause i always forget which are the proper flags...) 
cp -Rpnv "Dir_A" "Dir_b"
  • n : Do not overwrite an existing file (overides -f flag).
  • p : Preserves attributes for each source file.
  • R : Files are copied recursively.
  • v : Show files while copying them.

Feb 17, 2010

Change Mac Os X default player

Everytime you open an media file, it will opens with Itunes or Quicktime Player. What if i want to be open always with a third party app? (Like Vlc for example). Of course you can always make right clic , "Open With" and select the desire player...thats one way. BUT, you can set Vlc as default player for CERTAINS filetypes like this way.
  • Right clic onto a avi file. 
  • Select "Get info" option.
  • Go to "Open with" tab and select the media player you want.
  • Then clic "Change All..." button (That will associate avi file types with Vlc).
Thats all!
Note:This works for avi files, dunno with others filetypes.

Feb 9, 2010

Stop autorefresh (dirty way)

I hate the kind of webpages that they autorefresh while reading them.
This solution works only for firefox. (IE: suck it :P)
  • Go to about:config.
  • Set "accessibility.blockautorefresh" to true.