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Reference the value of a cell in a different worksheet

Simply in content of the destination cell just enter:='Sheet 1'!C22

Sheet 1 is the name of the sheet.C22is the location of the cell in Sheet 1.(don't forget the apostrophe and the exclamation mark.

controldeck.js on Mac Os

Disclaimer: this post might not be the better solution, probably there are other solutions over the net.

My intention was to give a try to controldeck.js. The reason is that this kind of presentations blow my mind.
Well is not all straightforward.
You need dependecies to be able to run controldeck.js.
Eaaaaasy i thought, there only two: node-static and and also node js...
I already had node js so i only needed node-static and
How can i can install node packages modules? with npm.
I tried npm in my console and surprisingly was already installed in my system!
The way that you install node pkg modules is running npm install package.
So I tried npm install node-static and an error appeared (same error also for
TypeError Arguments to path.resolve must be strings Reading and trying lot of things (most of them without knowing what they were really doing) i found a post that said to delete node js and reinstall it using nvm (node version man…

Converting unicode date to datetime object.

In a django template i had something like:

value="{{ query_date|date:'%d/%m/%Y' }}"

And in my view i wanted a date not an unicoded date.
So i did this in a view to parse the unicode and convert it to datetime object. 

from datetime import datetime
query_date_obj = datetime.strptime(query_date, "%d/%m/%Y")


The person that works the hardest wins.


Combine two (or more) images in one using convert in command line

I you want to combine two or more images in one you can try using command convert.
This program is member of the ImageMagick(1) suite of tools. 
In my case, its already installed in my bash term, so i didn't install anything.
If you want more information about this command you can go to ImageMagick site or just type man convert in bash
How to use it:

convert img1.jpg img2.jpg [img3.jpg ... imgN] +append new_img.jpg convert img1.jpg img2.jpg [img3.jpg ... imgN] -append new_img.jpgThe + will append images horizontally and the - vertically.

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