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Metronome for Mac Os X

Metronome is a free metronome for Mac OS X. (Requires Mac OS 10.3 or later. Metronome is a Universal Binary which runs 'natively' on both Intel and PPC Macs.)  Download Metronome 1.8.3 (Zip file about 684 KB) Metronome is designed with the practicing musician in mind which means that it's fast and easy to use. Nearly all of Metronome's functions and settings can be changed by using a single key. You won't have to put your instrument down to change the tempo (arrow keys) or the accent beat (number keys). Stop and start by tapping the space bar (or the Enter or Return keys). All these things can be done 'on the fly' without having to stop and restart the metronome. Metronome comes with a swag of useful features: An accurate Tempo Finder which allows you to tap any key to set a tempo.Easy keyboard input to set two bell accents on any beat from 2 to 9, and a text field to enter any other arbitrary beat as the accent.Stop and start the metronome by pressing…

Sugar Overdosed


Astrid - Android's Simple Task Recording Dashboard

Astrid is a todolist/task tracking system for Google's Android platform built with your productivity in mind. Astrid's goal is to be simple to use with features you need to stay productive and get things done.

Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more. It also includes a full-featured session manager.

Updated:June 17, 2010 Website: here Works with: Firefox 3.0 - 3.7a6pre Rating: Rated 4 out of 5 stars 1,443 reviews Downloads: 13,993,487 (28/8/10)

gmapcatcher, an offline map viewer

OverviewGMapCatcher is an offline maps viewer. It downloads tiles automatically from many providers such as: CloudMade, OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps, Google Map. It displays them using a custom GUI. User can view the maps while offline. GMapCatcher doesn't depend on google-map's java scripts so it should work even if google changes them. It also provides a downloading tool. GMapCatcher is written in Python 2.6, can run on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. You can find a list of improvements and latest features in the Changelog Download or $ svn checkout gmapcatcherFor Windows users, get the latest Windows installer is a gui program used to browse google map. With the offline toggle button unchecked, it can download google map tiles automatically. Once the file downloaded, it will reside on user's hard disk and needn't to be downloaded again any more. At…

Syrinx, its where tweets come from.

Syrinx is a fully customizable twitter client designed for Leopard (OS X 10.5+). Syrinx is built from two ideals: efficient workflow and customization.

OS X 10.5+ (Leopard)A Twitter account. Twitter accounts are free at twitterDownload

Como escuchar la rock and pop desde Ubuntu II

Opción 2:

Usar VlcDesde File->Open Network y en Url : la tenés adentro! :PO sino, desde Mplayer como dije aca

Adding Themes to Empathy

To install themes (like adium themes) extract the downloaded file and move the *.AdiumMessageStyle into the folder

You will need to create this folder


What is Netspeed?Netspeed is just a little GNOME-applet that shows how much traffic occurs on a specified network device (for example eth0). You get the best impression of it, if you look at the screenshots below.

How does it look like?
This screenshot shows netspeed monitoring a W-Lan device.

How to Install
sudo apt-get install netspeed

Hp photosmart 7260 under Ubuntu 10.04

The problem:
The printer hangs when i try to print a document (any type).
At a ticket was submited with the same problem.
A Suggestion, update to last version of hp-lib (the actual version es 3.10.5).
Run hp-check -t (the first line says your installed version)
Update to your last version using Synaptic, searching for hp as keyword.

The solution:
change the default:
hp:/usb/photosmart_7200_series?serial=XXXXXXXXXXXX to:
usb://hp/photosmart%207200%20series?serial=XXXXXXXXXXXXEdit this from System->Administration->Printing
Select the desire printer-> Properties
Under device Uri: edit what i said before.

Note: XXXXXXXXXXXX is written by default, copy it straightforward
Its represent your printer serial number.

This solution was submitted by ben_reily at launchpad

Creating Iso files from directories

mkisofs -o name.iso directory

Suicidal Bunnies


How to remove/install/reconfigure xorg without reinstalling ubuntu

Open terminalRemove existing xorg using the following command

sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg Install xorg using the following command

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg Reconfigure xorg using the following command

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg source: title link

Tenés Empanadas Graciela (short TEG)

is a turn-based strategy game running under Linux. The idea for this free and open source software (GNU GPL) program came from the board game TEG (based on the popular Risk game but differs in many aspects of the rules).
In 1996 the Argentine Ricardo riq Quesada started working at the game, discontinued it for a few years and brought life back into the project in early 2000. Some developers, graphic artists and translators joined the project located at SourceForge's servers and made it a success.
Using a Server several players can fight each other for world domination and of course also chat together. Various maps are used as battle field and also several languages like Spanish, German, French and Polish are available.
Also there exists an Argentine web based version of this game called WebTeg that allows to play online with any browser of any operating system.
DistributionsThe game is widely distributed by several GNU/Linux distributions and ported to other Operating S…

Tapa Ole 19 de mayo 2010


Resize images from Console

convert name.jpg -resize 50% name.png

Cracking a Pdf Password

PDFCrack is a GNU/Linux (other POSIX-compatible systems should work too) tool for recovering passwords and content from PDF-files. It is small, command line driven without external dependencies. The application is Open Source (GPL).

pdfcrack Features:
Supports the standard security handler (revision 2 and 3) on all known PDF-versionsSupports cracking both owner and userpasswordsBoth wordlists and bruteforcing the password is supportedSimple permutations (currently only trying first character as Upper Case)Save/Load a running jobSimple benchmarkingOptimised search for owner-password when user-password is knownInstall pdfcrack in Ubuntu
sudo aptitude install pdfcrack
pdfcrack Syntax
pdfcrack -f filename [options] pdfcrack Options
-b, - -bench - Perform benchmark and exit.
-c, - -charset=STRING - Use the characters in STRING as charset.
-m, - -maxpw=INTEGER - Stop when reaching INTEGER as password length.
-n, - -minpw=INTEGER - Skip trying passwords shorter than INTEGER.
-l, - -loadState=F…

The 30 players

Thirty players, one ilussion...

Sergio Romero (AZ Alkmaar)
Nicolás Otamendi (Vélez)
Martín Demichelis (Bayern Munich)
Walter Samuel (Inter)
Gabriel Heinze (Olympique)
Jonás Gutiérrez (Newcastle)
Javier Mascherano (Liverpool)
Juan Sebastián Verón (Estudiantes
Angel Di María (Benfica)
Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
Gonzalo Higuaín (Real Madrid)
Mariano Andújar (Catania)
Diego Pozo (Colón)
Nicolás Burdisso (Inter)
Clemente Rodríguez (Estudiantes)
Fabricio Coloccini (Newcastle)
Mario Bolatti (Fiorentina)l
Jesús Dátolo (Olympiakos)
Javier Pastore (Palermo)
José Sosa (Estudiantes)
Maxi Rodríguez (Liverpool)
Sergio Agüero (Atlético Madrid)
Diego Milito (Inter)
Carlos Tevez (Manchester City)
Martín Palermo (Boca)
Ezequiel Lavezzi (Nápoli)
Sebastián Blanco (Lanús)
Insaurralde (Newell's)
Juan Mercier (Argentinos)
Ariel Garcé (Colón)

Pino Twitter Client

Pino is Twitter and client for Linux desktop (actualy, for any OS, that has X11). It's simple, fast and also fancy :). Pino is written in Vala language and compiled to the native binary code.
or you can download an archive with source code or get the latest revision from mercurial repository:
hg clone pino-twitter PackagesUbuntusudo add-apt-repository ppa:vala-team/ppa sudo add-apt-repository ppa:troorl/pino Arch LinuxYou can download PKGBUILD at AUR. Thanks to pizzapunk
Fedorasu -c 'yum install pino'
Also you can download RPM package for Fedora 12 in the download section. Thanks to Joel Barrios.
DebianUnofficial Debian packages from
FreeBSDFreeBSD users are now able to install it via ports:
cd /usr/ports/net-im/pino
make install clean
... or as a binary package:
pkg_add -r pino
Installation from sourcesPino uses Waf build system. To build and install Pino use this commands:
./waf c…

How to use find command

On Debian based distros, find is part of the package findutils. find allow one to search for files on a filesystem based on different condition, creation date, modified date, file size, file type, permissions, name ....
This tutorial, will be focused on finding files/directories based on their name, in order to explain in more depth the syntax of find, also will show how you can narrow down your search by adding condition on size and file modification time.
1. Find basisThe default syntax of find is as such:
find [path] [expression] where path is the path used as root for searching pattern and expression the expression we want the file to match.
2. Finding a file based on filenameLet say for instance you want to find all .avi files in users home directories. Search files can be found with the following command:

# find /home -name '*.avi' If you want to search for *.mpg and *.avi files, you will use the following:
find /home -name '*.mpg' -o -name '*.avi' Case insensit…

sudo: port: command not found

If you install mac ports under Mac, then run sudo port install "app_here" 
and you recieve this error (the title), i have the solution. One word. $PATH.
Open your .bashrc file (if you dont have it, create it), and add these lines
export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin/:$PATH
export MANPATH=/opt/local/share/man:$MANPATH

(the first, for the port command and the second for the manpages
of port command. Yea, i know its obvious... :P)

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Rage Against The Machine
Sleep Now in FireGuerilla RadioKillin' in the NameBombtrack

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Phil Collins - Something Happened On The Way To Heaven

Shortened URL, TineURL and

Url's shortening services provides a way to shorten those long urls in webpages, making less awful to the "style" of the page. Imagine someone, post 4 urls, 2 lines per url? Shortening Services make more friendly those weird (with hashes or shit) urls.
But... there's always a but!, you never see the real url where the browser will be pointed to. So, here is the risk of been forwarded to a page with malicious code within (malwares, trojans other malicious routines).
A solution to this problem is to unhide/reveal the real url, you can
install a firefox plugin (Long Url Please version 0.4.2).

Split and Join files Linux

First we need a compressed file, tar -cvvzf file.tar.gz file.something Now, we split the compressed file, split -b 10M file.tar.gz "prefix_here" (parts of 10 megas with the prefix "prefix_here")
To join the parts: cat "prefix_here"* > file_joined.tar.gz  And thats all! :)

Como escuchar la rock and pop desde Ubuntu

La opción mas conocida es bajarse el plugin para firefox de moonlight... (cosa que hice y no me funcionó)...
La segunda opción es, instalar mplayer y en terminal cargar la direccion con mplayer.
 ie: mplayer mmsh://
(gracias darío que me pasó la solución! me cago en ms!)
Chupate esta mandarina MS!! :D Sino desde Vlc desde este post Update(7/3/12)

La nueva url es:mmsh://

Elemental Trio

Elemental Trio, es la búsqueda de un sonido fundamental, que conecta imágenes y climas en un espacio musical íntimo, donde cada guitarra explora desde sus influencias los sentidos del espectador…
El grupo se formo en el año 2009 en la ciudad de Córdoba.
Esta integrado por Juano Maldonado (12 Strings Guitar y Voz) Fran Parra (Guitarra Acústica y Voz) Cristian Romero (Guitarra Eléctrica, Efectos y Coros)
Actualmente se encuentra trabajando en la composición de su primer disco, que va a recorrer los distintos estilos e influencias que tienen como punto en común la música Afroamericana y algunas pequeñas reseñas a las raíces folklóricas.
Home of Elemental Trio

Full HD vs HD Ready

Es curioso observar que, de pronto, la resolución que está de moda es la Full HD (1.080 líneas de resolución horizontal). Es verdad que incluso nosotros, desde esta revista, hemos incitado, en cierto modo, a buscar televisores y proyectores en dicha resolución, aunque, como mínimo, lo hemos hecho justo cuando el HD DVD y el Blu-ray (sin olvidarnos de la Xbox 360) han empezado a comercializarse en nuestro país. Pero también hemos observado cómo en las tiendas (especializadas o no) se ha incentivado la venta de televisores Full HD, llegando al extremo de ver modelos concretos de LCD de menos de 40” con una resolución nativa de 1.920 x 1.080 píxeles (como el Philips que analizamos en este mismo número). Las estrategias de venta en este caso pasan por frases lapidarias como que sólo con la Full HD uno puede ver absolutamente todos los detalles que ofrece la “verdadera” alta definición y que, en resumidas cuentas, la inversión superior que supone vale la pena.

¿Qué pasaría si ahora descubr…

Growl for X in {Windows, Macosx, Unix}

Growl is a global notification system for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Applications can use Growl to display small notifications about events which the user deems important, in a consistent manner. This allows users to fully control their notifications, application developers to spend little time creating notifications, and Growl developers to concentrate on the usability of notifications.
Growl includes bindings for developers who use the PHP, Objective-C, C, Perl, Python, Tcl, AppleScript, Java, and Ruby programming languages, and comes with multiple "display plugins," providing different styles for presenting the notifications.
The Growl Project website has a list of applications that support Growl, either inherently or through add-ons.
Plugins or scripts exist to add Growl notifications to iChat, Mail, Thunderbird, Safari, and iTunes (GrowlTunes).

(Growl for Windows,Mac Os X or Unix)

EL experimento

El 12 de enero del año 2007, un joven vestido con una remera de mangas largas, jeans y usando una gorra con los colores de un equipo de béisbol de los Estados Unidos llegó a una estación de subte de la ciudad de Washington. Bajó algunos escalones y se ubicó al lado de un tacho de basura. Llevaba una caja pequeña. La abrió y sacó de ella un violín. Apoyó la caja en el piso. Tiró él mismo algunas monedas y unos pocos billetes para usarlos como “invitación” a los transeúntes. Sopló un poco su instrumento para sacarle el polvo y se dispuso a... “tocar el violín”. Era viernes, alrededor de las 8 de la mañana. La estación hervía de gente, apurada por llegar a sus trabajos.
El joven ejecutó seis obras de música clásica. En total, de acuerdo con los que “monitoreaban” la situación, en casi 43 minutos pasaron por el lugar 1097 personas.
La elección de la estación no fue casual. Su ubicación podría haber sido el equivalente de nuestras Florida y Corrientes o Perú y Avenida de Mayo. …

Taking photos thru console

I always wondered, how about taking photos throught console? I mean, without using PhotoBooth. Making bash scripts that use the built-in camera would be awesome! One easy way is installing isightcapture.

This is how you can use it $ ./isightcapture image.jpg    will output a 640x480 image in JPEG format
$ ./isightcapture -w 320 -h 240 -t png image.png    will output a scaled 320x240 image in PNG format
Note: Seems the project has been discontinued.

Copy files with cp (fancy way)

Copy files from dir A to dir B. (cause i always forget which are the proper flags...) cp -Rpnv "Dir_A" "Dir_b" n : Do not overwrite an existing file (overides -f flag).p : Preserves attributes for each source file.R : Files are copied recursively.v : Show files while copying them.

Change Mac Os X default player

Everytime you open an media file, it will opens with Itunes or Quicktime Player. What if i want to be open always with a third party app? (Like Vlc for example). Of course you can always make right clic , "Open With" and select the desire player...thats one way. BUT, you can set Vlc as default player for CERTAINS filetypes like this way.
Right clic onto a avi file. Select "Get info" option.Go to "Open with" tab and select the media player you want.Then clic "Change All..." button (That will associate avi file types with Vlc).Thats all!
Note:This works for avi files, dunno with others filetypes.

Stop autorefresh (dirty way)

I hate the kind of webpages that they autorefresh while reading them.
This solution works only for firefox. (IE: suck it :P)
Go to about:config.Set "accessibility.blockautorefresh" to true.

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Billy Idol
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Jango - Free Music Played Online

Jango is a free social music service that lets you create your own custom radio stations and share them with friends and others who like what you like. Just type in what you want to hear - and your station will play the music you want along with similar favorites of other Jango users who share your taste. You can customize your stations further by adding more artists and rating songs. You can also tune in to any other station playing on Jango. As you listen, your player will show other people listening to the same artist. You can "tune in" to any song they're listening to, message each other or share your stations with others. Or just go to any Artist Page to see all songs by that artist you can tune in to at any given time!


DateLine is a small, simple app which displays a linear calendar on your desktop in a transparent window. The background and text colors are customizable with support for transparency.

Open Source Software for Mac

Browsers Camino is a powerful and secure web browser, yet simple and elegant in its design. Camino 1.5 is a universal binary and runs natively on both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs. From new features like the system spell-checker and session saving to improvements in trademark features like annoyance blocking, Camino 1.5 makes all your web tasks more enjoyable. Built on the world’s most compatible rendering engine, Mozilla’s Gecko 1.8.1, it displays more pages more accurately than any other Cocoa browser. Mozilla Firefox is available free-of-charge in more than 35 languages. It's so safe that many users have reported no spy ware infections since they started using it. Firefox 2 opens new web pages in tabs by default. Each of those tabs has its own close button. If you accidentally close a tab, you can go to the History menu to bring it back from the list of “Recently Closed Tabs.” Firefox 2 has built-in spell checking to keep you from making any mistakes in your blog posts and W…