Pino Twitter Client

Pino is Twitter and client for Linux desktop (actualy, for any OS, that has X11). It's simple, fast and also fancy :). Pino is written in Vala language and compiled to the native binary code.
or you can download an archive with source code or get the latest revision from mercurial repository:
hg clone pino-twitter



sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vala-team/ppa
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:troorl/pino

Arch Linux

You can download PKGBUILD at AUR. Thanks to pizzapunk


su -c 'yum install pino'
Also you can download RPM package for Fedora 12 in the download section. Thanks to Joel Barrios.


Unofficial Debian packages from


FreeBSD users are now able to install it via ports:
cd /usr/ports/net-im/pino
make install clean
... or as a binary package:
pkg_add -r pino

Installation from sources

Pino uses Waf build system. To build and install Pino use this commands:
./waf configure --prefix=/usr
./waf build
sudo ./waf install
For uninstalling type this:
sudo ./waf uninstall
Do not try to run Pino without installation, it would not work.


To build Pino use next libraries and utilities:
  • valac (>=0.7.10)
  • gcc (>=4.2)
  • intltool
  • gettext
  • gtk+-2.0
  • libgee (>=0.5.0)
  • gio-2.0
  • libnotify
  • libsoup-2.4
  • libxml-2.0
  • webkit-1.0
  • libunique-1.0
  • libgtkspell
  • libindicate (optional)
You must install dev-packages for this libraries to build Pino. Compiled binary has only one dependency, wich Ubuntu doesn't has in standart supply - gee-1.0.


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