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Native, Web and Hybrid Apps

The explosion of mobile applications has caught the attention of many companies for developing their own applications. The idea of having another way of interacting with the customers is very tempting. For example, banks have found that allowing basic banking operations using an application attracts customers that already use a mobile device. However, developing an application is not easy as it sounds. There are different approaches one can take depending on the requirements and the needs of the company. In general, there are three popular approaches: Native Applications, Web Applications and Hybrid Applications.
What are Native Applications? They are applications developed for running only in only one platform. Currently, the platforms that capture more subscribers are iOS from Apple and Android from Google with 52.1% and 41.2% respectively. Far away from those numbers come other mobile platforms with less “followers” like Blackberry 10 from Blackberry Ltd and Firefox OS from Mozilla F…

Interaction Design Guidelines for Home Automation

In the last years, home automation became a reality as a result of an increased availability of different commercial solutions. Some examples of these options can be X10, UPB, Insteon and Z-Wave. Also, the fact that costs decrease day by day making this type technology widely accessible to almost every home.
The idea of smart home, which is controlled by themselves, understands the context and performs actions, has provided new research fields and opportunities. In spite of that, there are still controversial opinions toward how can smart homes improve the life and care of the elderly or of people with different disabilities.
Among the different disabilities, people with impaired motor abilities can take advantages of eye tracking methods to control their homes. This kind of tracking strategies can exploit this limited ability to build a communication channel for interaction and as a result opening new possibilities for computer-based communication and control solutions. Home automation…

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