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What is Netspeed?Netspeed is just a little GNOME-applet that shows how much traffic occurs on a specified network device (for example eth0). You get the best impression of it, if you look at the screenshots below.

How does it look like?
This screenshot shows netspeed monitoring a W-Lan device.

How to Install
sudo apt-get install netspeed

Hp photosmart 7260 under Ubuntu 10.04

The problem:
The printer hangs when i try to print a document (any type).
At a ticket was submited with the same problem.
A Suggestion, update to last version of hp-lib (the actual version es 3.10.5).
Run hp-check -t (the first line says your installed version)
Update to your last version using Synaptic, searching for hp as keyword.

The solution:
change the default:
hp:/usb/photosmart_7200_series?serial=XXXXXXXXXXXX to:
usb://hp/photosmart%207200%20series?serial=XXXXXXXXXXXXEdit this from System->Administration->Printing
Select the desire printer-> Properties
Under device Uri: edit what i said before.

Note: XXXXXXXXXXXX is written by default, copy it straightforward
Its represent your printer serial number.

This solution was submitted by ben_reily at launchpad

Creating Iso files from directories

mkisofs -o name.iso directory

Suicidal Bunnies