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My own scheme color for ninja ide! :)

{     "keyword": "#228b22",     "operator": "#242424",     "brace": "#228b22",     "definition": "#6495ed",     "string": "#ff8c00",     "string2": "#838b83",     "comment": "#8b8878",     "properObject": "#8b0a50",     "numbers": "#ff4500",     "spaces": "#000000",     "extras": "#ffff00",     "editor-background": "#eeeee0",     "editor-selection-color": "#ebc79e",     "editor-selection-background": "#8b8878",     "editor-text": "#242424",     "current-line": "#6ca6Cf",     "selected-word": "#a2cd5a",     "fold-area": "white",     "fold-arrow": "darkGray" }
Ninja-Ide Homepage!

Delete all the "Thumbs.db" files - Mac Os Lion

First, find out how many of them you have, by running this command:
find . -iname "Thumbs.db"And just run the following command in the base folder from where to erase them:
find . -iname "Thumbs.db" -delete source

Extract audio (in mp3 format) from a .flv file - Ubuntu 11.04

Open a console and run:
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52ffmpeg -i file.flv -ar 44100 -ab 160 -ac 2 audio.mp3

Show Desktop with Hot Corner (hover) - Ubuntu 11.04

This effect can be done using compiz!

First, install Compiz Settings Manager from the repositories
Go to "General" and click "General Options"
Look for "Key Bindings" tab, and under it select "Show Desktop" (the one with a monitor icon)
Finally select "Bottom Left" (for example)