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Detailed Interaction Design

The information that a website or application can exhibit to an user can be organised in different ways. A user navigates looking for information with a specific objective. The easier and faster he finds the information, the greater the satisfaction and productivity will be. For this reason is that we should facilitate tools that aid the user to achieve his goals. Navigation menus is one of the tools that facilitates the user to navigate inside the information architecture of website using dialog boxes, "boxes" (can be of any shape), images or even also simply text. Lets illustrate an hypothetical situation where a customer wants a to buy a product from a company A. This company has one of the best products in the market. Their website contains lot of information regarding the products offered and the company itself but the data is unstructured and it is presented into single page. On the other side of the river, the competence B, has a well organised site with a simple top …

About Design

We live surrounded by tons of products that are no longer ordinary or inactives. Most of them are interactive and because we are so used to them, we are not conscious in what manner they contribute to our daily live. Those devices I'm talking about are mobile phones, personal computers, coffee machines, printers, videogames, just to list a few of them.
The important question here is: How many are easy to use and enjoyable without making a huge effort?
Of course, this is pretty easy to answer and the list will be quite small!
Sometimes we end up hammering our heads against the wall because we are not able to complete the desired task with this product.
Why this happens?
The answer is because some products were not designed with the user in mind.
The aim of interaction design is to solve these kind of issues bringing usability to the design process. That is, developing products that are easy, effective, and enjoyable to use from the user perspective.

Good Design vs Poor Design  A good way t…