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Taking photos thru console

I always wondered, how about taking photos throught console? I mean, without using PhotoBooth. Making bash scripts that use the built-in camera would be awesome! One easy way is installing isightcapture.

This is how you can use it $ ./isightcapture image.jpg    will output a 640x480 image in JPEG format
$ ./isightcapture -w 320 -h 240 -t png image.png    will output a scaled 320x240 image in PNG format
Note: Seems the project has been discontinued.

Copy files with cp (fancy way)

Copy files from dir A to dir B. (cause i always forget which are the proper flags...) cp -Rpnv "Dir_A" "Dir_b" n : Do not overwrite an existing file (overides -f flag).p : Preserves attributes for each source file.R : Files are copied recursively.v : Show files while copying them.

Change Mac Os X default player

Everytime you open an media file, it will opens with Itunes or Quicktime Player. What if i want to be open always with a third party app? (Like Vlc for example). Of course you can always make right clic , "Open With" and select the desire player...thats one way. BUT, you can set Vlc as default player for CERTAINS filetypes like this way.
Right clic onto a avi file. Select "Get info" option.Go to "Open with" tab and select the media player you want.Then clic "Change All..." button (That will associate avi file types with Vlc).Thats all!
Note:This works for avi files, dunno with others filetypes.

Stop autorefresh (dirty way)

I hate the kind of webpages that they autorefresh while reading them.
This solution works only for firefox. (IE: suck it :P)
Go to about:config.Set "accessibility.blockautorefresh" to true.

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