Metronome for Mac Os X

Metronome is a free metronome for Mac OS X. (Requires Mac OS 10.3 or later. Metronome is a Universal Binary which runs 'natively' on both Intel and PPC Macs.)  Download Metronome 1.8.3 (Zip file about 684 KB)
Metronome is designed with the practicing musician in mind which means that it's fast and easy to use. Nearly all of Metronome's functions and settings can be changed by using a single key. You won't have to put your instrument down to change the tempo (arrow keys) or the accent beat (number keys). Stop and start by tapping the space bar (or the Enter or Return keys).
All these things can be done 'on the fly' without having to stop and restart the metronome.
Metronome comes with a swag of useful features:
  • An accurate Tempo Finder which allows you to tap any key to set a tempo.
  • Easy keyboard input to set two bell accents on any beat from 2 to 9, and a text field to enter any other arbitrary beat as the accent.
  • Stop and start the metronome by pressing the space bar or the Enter or Return keys.
  • Fast and easy tempo changing using buttons on the main window or the arrow keys.
  • Easily change the sounds.
  • The unique Accelerator which allows you to make Metronome speed up at a rate which you determine. This feature is designed to let you play a difficult passage at a slow tempo and gradually (at the rate you set) increase the tempo until it reaches whatever speed you want it to stop increasing.
  • Save and re-load groups of settings so you can quickly reset favoured groups of settings.
  • Runs at any tempo from 0.1 beats per minute (once every ten minutes!) up to 999.9 bpm.
Even though Metronome is packed full of useful features, it's still very easy to use. You won't need to read the help.
There is, however, a comprehensive online help.

Metronome and VoiceOver

Metronome is fully compatible with VoiceOver, the alternative interface for Mac OS X for people with visual disabilities.


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