May 1, 2011

Read and Write NTFS partition under Snow Leopard

This is experimental, and known to be unstable, use at your own risk.

You need to modify /etc/fstab file to mount NTFS partitions for read and write.

  • First, uninstall NTFS-3G/Paragon if installed.
  • Open Terminal
    run diskutil info /Volumes/volume_name and copy the Volume UUID.
    Backup /etc/fstab if you have it (shouldn't be there in a default install).
  •  Run sudo vim /etc/fstab and write:
    UUID=paste_the_uuid_here none ntfs rw
    LABEL=volume_name none ntfs rw
    (if you don't have UUID for the disk).
  • Repeat for other NTFS partitions.
  • Restart your system.
Thats all!

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