Sep 28, 2011

My own scheme color for ninja ide! :)

    "keyword": "#228b22",
    "operator": "#242424",
    "brace": "#228b22",
    "definition": "#6495ed",
    "string": "#ff8c00",
    "string2": "#838b83",
    "comment": "#8b8878",
    "properObject": "#8b0a50",
    "numbers": "#ff4500",
    "spaces": "#000000",
    "extras": "#ffff00",
    "editor-background": "#eeeee0",
    "editor-selection-color": "#ebc79e",
    "editor-selection-background": "#8b8878",
    "editor-text": "#242424",
    "current-line": "#6ca6Cf",
    "selected-word": "#a2cd5a",
    "fold-area": "white",
    "fold-arrow": "darkGray"

Sep 26, 2011

Delete all the "Thumbs.db" files - Mac Os Lion

  • First, find out how many of them you have, by running this command:
    find . -iname "Thumbs.db"
  • And just run the following command in the base folder from where to erase them:
    find . -iname "Thumbs.db" -delete

Sep 16, 2011

Extract audio (in mp3 format) from a .flv file - Ubuntu 11.04

  • Open a console and run:
    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52
  • ffmpeg -i file.flv -ar 44100 -ab 160 -ac 2 audio.mp3

Sep 15, 2011

Show Desktop with Hot Corner (hover) - Ubuntu 11.04

This effect can be done using compiz!

  • First, install Compiz Settings Manager from the repositories

  • Go to "General" and click "General Options"

  • Look for "Key Bindings" tab, and under it select "Show Desktop" (the one with a monitor icon)

  • Finally select "Bottom Left" (for example)