Kivy, an open source library for rapid app develop

Kivy is an open source software library for rapid development of applications equipped with novel user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps.

  • Cross Platform:
    Runs on Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Android and IOS.
    It can use natively most inputs protocols and devices like WM_Touch, WM_Pen, Mac OS X Trackpad and Magic Mouse, Mtdev, Linux Kernel HID, TUIO. A multi-touch mouse simulator is included.

  • Business Friendly:
    It is 100% free to use, under LGPL 3 licence.
    The framework is stable and has a documented API, plus a programming guide to help for in the first step

  • Gpu Accelerated:
    The graphics engine is built over OpenGL ES 2.
    The toolkit is coming with more than 20 widgets designed to be extensible. Many parts are written in C using Cython, tested with regression tests.

  • Homepage: 

Images and info from kivy official site


David Warner said…
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carpincho said…
Thanks David! :)

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